Meet the Team

Sarah & Samantha bio picture


Sarah’s a corporate & event photographer; Samantha’s a non-profit photojournalist.
Sarah grew up on the east coast; Sam hails from the west.
Sarah went to Georgetown; Sam went to Syracuse (go orange!)
Sarah lives in long dresses; Sam is happiest in jeans.
Sarah is 5’8″; Sam is…not.

They met in Istanbul on a study abroad program, & two plums, two cigars, & a crazy cab ride later, the rest was history. Fast forward a few years. When they found themselves in the same city, Sarah & Samantha realized that their differences made them a great team & their similarities would keep them forever friends.

Sarah & Samantha combines Sarah’s background in business & the event photography industry with Samantha’s remarkable knowledge of studio lighting to create a photobooth business unlike any other – fresh, fun, & creative, while also professional and high-quality. Give us a call & you’ll see for yourself!


Do you know someone who’s getting married?
Or do you wanna just wanna feel all warm and fuzzy about love?
We won’t judge! Click here to see Sarah’s website.

Samantha’s website is temporarily under construction, but check back soon to see her journalism portfolio.